Our Solutions

1. Opportunity Quick Scan: Compact evaluation of your company’s strategic positioning, core competencies, go-to-market processes and business opportunities.
Result: Management consensus on your strategic baseline, your cost drivers and weak spots in sales and marketing. Clear sales targets and priorities on target markets. Roadmap for the necessary changes from a market perspective.

2. High Engagement & Skill Development: Comprehensive mobilization of your people and high impact sales trainings - exclusively based on your actual, challenging sales projects.
Result: Winning sales power through alignment of your sales teams with your sales targets and the fundamentals of your corporate culture. Improved customer orientation and access, stronger impact on leads and higher sales hit rate. Immediate implementation of the training learnings into operations sales activities.

3. Fact Finding Mission: Focussed market intelligence and organized tour to meet with potential clients, distributors, industry associations, media and other market experts.
Result: First-hand experience with unfiltered information about the critical success factors of the target market. Hands-on recommendations for new clients based on a first lead "hunting list".

4. Active Lead Generation: Identification and contacting of promising leads based on our close contacts to industries, associations and government bodies in the target market.
Result: Short list of hot leads incl. contact details and initiation of appointments.

5. Office Ramp Up : Identification of best location, completion of legal procedures and formalities and hiring qualified staff.
Result: Operational office and team that undertakes first goal-oriented activities to grow your business. Guidelines for appropriate business conduct and a pragmatic compliance scheme.

6. Coaching for Change & Project Management: Securing the implementation of changes and sustainable growth through individual coaching sessions and project management.
Result: Development the key people in your  "go-to-market" organisation. Monitoring the progress of implementation and addressing barriers in the change process towards sustainable growth.

7. Cross Cultural Competence: Training of your team and executives to understand cultural differences and avoid typical pitfalls in communication, collaboration and negotiation.
Result: Ability of your representatives to act sensible and successful in a new cultural environment.