Your Challenges

  • Our business is stagnating in our traditional markets and customer segments.
 But where should future growth based on our core competencies come from?
  • We are still generating satisfactory results. But new competitors are entering the scene, prices and conditions are under massive pressure and customer expectations are changing rapidly. Can our existing "Go-to-Market"-processes cope with the market changes in an optimal way? Do we have the right sales team for our business of tomorrow? How can we better make use of our peoples' potentials and increase the sales hit rate - without hiring additional staff? 
  • We intent to expand our business into Europe, India or China. Is there really a business for us? Where do we find the right local partner? Who are our competitors there and how do we need to position ourselves? Are we satisfied with our existing distribution and market exploitation? Trust but verify: Do we manage risk adequately?
  • We want to set up a subsidiary. How can we do that quickly and cost effectively? How can we recruit a suitable team and retain it?  
  • And finally, how can we actively support our management team in this change process?